Trucks and Trailers
Takler Group Takler was born in 2005, namely in the industrial area of Jesce - Matera. It is an engineering industry producing and marketing accessories for industrial vehicles, out of the experience of a well-known industrial group, leader on the automotive international markets since 1989. In 2008, Takler inaugurates the German branch to offer an efficient logistic service all over northern Europe and in 2017, Takler goes beyond European borders with another branch being opened in USA.
We can currently count on a portfolio of 2000 customers all over the world thanks to our know-how and the searching for new markets and partnerships to find strategic and reliable solutions.
Our mission: working on materials and fostering ambitions.
  • +15K production plant
  • +2K customers all over the world
  • 18 specialized operators
  • 70 employees
  • 15 sales office representatives
  • 5 certifications
  • +103 served countries throughout the world
  • +1.5M production
  • 98% customer satisfaction
  • +30% steady growth
Takler’s production plant extends over 15.000 square meters; completely automatized production line is handled by highly qualified and skilled Research and Development team and operators. Research, designing, production, customer service: a dedicated area for every need, request and production process. Our team counts on 8 people in research and development constantly monitoring the evolution of materials and customer needs, 18 specialized operators, 15 sales office representatives periodically visiting customers in over 100 countries, reliable customer care and prompt after- sales assistance.
Innovation and quality We carefully choose the quality of materials, we take care of the details during the production stages but above all, we give an interpretation of the product and the use which it was conceived for.
We produce resistant devices and accessories, which express their potential during the use and meet the needs of ever-growing international market.
We operate on the basis of international standards of quality, 9001/16949. Moreover, our products are homologated by the European verification agencies VCA, TUV and UTAC. Our goal is to make the road transport safer and more versatile with a special consideration for those whose main job is travelling.
  • +70% evolutionary research
  • 100% internal training
Takler is a group of people who has always had one territory of reference over time: the world.
Free people are those who are not afraid to try, to experiment, to dare.
They are people who have the courage to take risks and bring innovation to every field and beyond any border.
2005Takler’s birth
2008German branch
2017Takler USA
2019Aluminium Extrusion
Aluminium Extrusion Evolving has always been our way of being. It is the only way to fulfil our commitment: creating innovative solutions to be a step further for efficiency, quality and safety.
In line with such cause, we have widened our production with a new line dedicated to the extrusion of aluminium profiles, all customizable upon request.
The plant can count on an automatic and interconnected extrusion press of 2800 tons and able to extrude profiles up to 445mm.
Why aluminium?Aluminium is a light, robust, long-lasting, eco-friendly and versatile alloy, showing far better performances than many other metals.
This extraordinary combination of properties makes it sustainable and 100% recyclable.
Discover our aluminum extrusion production